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March 31, 2023

Maulik Mansion Resort Jim Corbett

Enhance your stay at Maulik Mansion by sharing quixotic experience with your love one...

Hugged by the scenery and nuzzled by animals, the Maulik mansion resort will be the top in the jungle you always dreamed of. On the very margin of the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India, it will be one of the most memorable journeys of your life. Among the calm greenery and lush scenery, the tweeting of the birds is the only sound that will disturb you in your poetic isolation.

Amazing Activities at our resort:

At the thrilled Maulik mansion resort, you will be amazed to find the latest facilities in a remote place that is so far away from modernity. A chance to hear the roar of a lonely Bengal tiger may shake you out of your daydream. Your hands will routinely move towards your camera craving for a solitary shot of the canine in action. Besides the royal king of the catlike fraternity, the awesome 4-Star adventurous resort is located at a place where a collection of different birds can be easily spotted, in the mornings and evenings. Bird-gazers may not have to undertake far to fulfill their pursuit. Migratory birds fly over with, flock after flock, during different migratory seasons and it is a sight to behold! The most inspiring Maulik mansion resort is in the cosiest part on the borders of the jungle and we bet you will fall in love at first sight.

Things to do at Maulik mansion resort Jim Corbett

A musical blend of modernism and verdancy is what we aim to deliver to our guests. Maulik Mansion Resort offers an inspiring experience to daring wildlife lovers and seekers of solitude. We surpass other hotels due to our home-like friendliness round the clock. Our luxury resort is appropriate for the green place and Birds chirpings. The Bengal Tiger roar and Migratory birds and every species of bird.

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